"A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear and has you see what you don't want to see, so that you can be who you've always known you could be." Coach Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys.

Twenty years ago, we started a ministry dedicated to helping Believers deal with issues from their past that hindered their Sanctification process in Christ. We found that it is one thing to be SET FREE from bondages; it is another to STAY FREE. Over the years, without even defining terms, we at RVM have contrasted Biblical Discipleship to include coaching, teaching, mentoring, and training in righteousness. The following explanations help distinguish these levels of service offered which all have a biblical foundation.


Using RVM curriculum, the counselor/minister helps someone struggling with a past or a present event which is preventing them from healthy functioning in their Primary relationships.


We utilize a unique blend of curriculum instruction with personal ministry to equip conference participants to minister healing of spiritual and emotional hurts.


We ultimately train believers to exhibit new behaviors, based on character transformation, While character development is something that the Lord accomplishes through one who yields to the Holy Spirit, we work alongside this process and help others learn and practice lifestyle changes.


A mentor imparts what they have learned along life's path. A simple outline looks like this,

  1. I do you watch
  2. Then we both do together
  3. Then you do and I watch
  4. Finally you find someone to mentor
Mentoring works well with the intern/apprentice model, helping others to avoid pitfalls along the way.


Whether it is in your work, family or personal life, we have helped over 10,000 people in 20 years improve their witness and change the big picture in their Christian walk. Much of our coaching is geared to deal with destructive habits and become more purposeful in their lives.

Severe emotional heartache
Eating disorders
Psychosomatic Illnesses
Grief / Bereavement issues
Job / Career / Unemployment
Marital Disharmony
Dysfunctional Family
Ministry Calling Issues
Pastoral Burnout
Missionary Reintegration
Sexual / Intimacy Strongholds
Conflict Resolution
Spiritual Gifting Inventory


Peter DePaoli has been coaching/teaching for over 20 years in Non-Profit, University, and Church settings. He is currently adjunct Professor at two area Colleges and teaches Coaching, Mentoring, and Conflict resolution at the Advanced Degree level. He holds a BS in Police Science, a MS +MA in Counseling and is an Ordained Minister as well as a Police Chaplain.

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